Design is a matter of culture. And a fast-paced marketplace, which - like most industries - has become digital over recent years. Nowadays, design reaches out to us, through smart technologies and devices, that intimately connect the world through the web.

This is where Amerigo Milano has placed itself - everywhere. Amerigo Milano is a digitally-native vertical brand, a collection of iconic home and lifestyle accessories, in constant evolution. It's a makeover atelier, founded in the Italian town of Meda in the Monza Brianza region, also known as the country’s ‘creativity hub’, where large parts of its vast design industry are based.

It is here that inspiration is set free, fuelled by that special cultural heritage which is commonly defined as ‘the Italian Style’. A style that Amerigo Milano translates into contemporary accessories, always in tune with Milan’s latest, the world-famous city that turned itself into an international fashion, beauty and design mecca, through years of consistent, and persistent work.

The result: unique, handmade designer pieces, made possible only thanks to the expertise of highly-skilled craftsmen, whose work ethics are far away from industrial concepts such as ‘production lines’. The manufacturing, assembly and creation of each single object are accomplished through days, weeks or even months of manual work. Crafts executed by specialists, capable of understanding what a person or a product really stands for, and fully embracing the reasoning behind a choice.

Pieces of art that reveal, subtly, layer by layer, the research and thought behind their existence. The substance of quality, underlying their visual beauty, which ultimately classifies an object as an excellence.

These special objects are details in our lives, just like Amerigo Milano is a detail in the immense worldwide web. A native-digital brand that has chosen its virtual platform because it wants to speak directly to people, without using any intermediaries other than its own portal, its mono-brand stores, and its strategically located touch points, that are proposed in collaboration with other entrepreneurs driven by the same line of thought - all in the very spirit of networking and coming together.

The web is often perceived as a scary place, easy to get lost in. The internet inevitably creates a sense of mass operation, which is far away from the niche character, that a brand like Amerigo Milano aspires to. Our brand seeks the direct connection with its clients, in order to be able to really cater to their specific needs, to listen to their advice, and to improve its - or their - future products.

The choice of available designer pieces seems to be unlimited, be it online or in‘real life’. But today’s buyer is strong-minded, and capable of navigating the options, much more so than anyone could have imagined. This is why the only marketing tool Amerigo is convinced of is its attention to detail, to quality, to innovative yet traditional production techniques, leaving the sole process of commercialization to modern technology.

We have decided to tap into our own future, before others would create it for us.

We have designed and developed concepts, built prototypes. The time has come for the new continent, the #digital.


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