Do you have any stores?
Amerigo Milano is a Digital Native Brand therefore we exclusively sell online at The company headquarters and factory are located in Monza.
Some of our products are on display at our Retail Ambassadors or Touch Points. For more information contact us at or +39 0362 1480770.

Who is the manufacturer of this product?
Amerigo Milano designs and manufactures all its products, all 100% Made in Italy.

I have issues in displaying correctly the portal, what can I do?
We know that Explorer 7 has some problems displaying our website, to prevent these problems you can update your browser with the most recent version. Our staff works with the most popular web browsers as Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. The two browsers we recommend are Google Chrome (light, fast and very comfortable for a multiple tabs browsing), and Mozilla Firefox (extremely complete, perfect websites display, feed reader included). Amerigo Milano perfectly works with iOS (iPad, iPhone) and Android too.

Which unit of measurements do you use?
All units of measurements are indicated in cm; this is to be intended also when the symbol it's not expressly shown. The right conversion between cm and inch is the following:
1 cm = 0,39 Inch
1 inch = 2,54 cm



What are the Delivery Times?
Delivery Times are the sum of Production Times and Shipping Times. Production Times are indicated at the bottom of each product card among the "Additional Information", where you can find the approximate number of weeks required for the production (the number is calculated based on our previous orders and their average time). Shipping Times can be found in the Shipping & Delivery page together with other useful information

What is the meaning of the amounts stated in the Configuration Menu?
The amounts you can view inside the Options of the Menu indicate the discounted surcharge related to the selected option.



What kind of assistance do you offer?
Our Customer Care staff offers free product/environment assistance: you just need to contact us to have more technical information on products, materials, assembling, suggestions regarding chromatic combinations and sizes and possible combinations of furniture present in our catalogue. Customer Care can be reached via telephone (+39 0362 1480770) or email (

On which products can I exercise the right of withdrawal?
Customers have the right of withdrawal to terminate a distance contract, without penalties and without giving reason, within a 14 days period starting from the delivery day. According to the European Directive though, customers can not exercise their right of withdrawal on orders regarding custom-made products or not prefabricated products, manufactured according to a specific customer's choice (the law specifies that the right of withdrawal can not be exercised on "custom-made or clearly customizable products"). Our customer care is available for further information (



How can I know if my bank transfer has been received?
You can verify the status of your orders just by logging into your Account: if the order is marked as "Waiting for bank transfer notification" it means our bank is still waiting to receive the transfer (usually it takes 2 - 4 days). Once the bank transfer has been received the status will change from "Waiting for bank transfer notification" to "In Production".

Can I pay by cash on delivery (COD)?
We do not accept payments by cash on delivery. The only method available would be cashier's checks, however the carrier can not undertake the responsibility to verify their validity.

Which kind of invoice do you issue?
Amerigo Milano (P.I. 09792790967) regularly issues a sales invoice for each payment received. The invoice, in PDF format, will be sent to the customer when the full payment has been received. The sales invoice also works as a 24 months warranty. Amerigo Milano keeps a paper and digital copy of all invoices.

Can I change the invoicing data?
The invoicing data you have indicated during the order can be modified only until the invoice has been issued, which is just after the receipt of the full payment or deposit. Typing mistakes will be corrected by our team.



What is the average shipping time?
Our carriers are mostly specialized in the transport of furniture and for Europe deliveries usually take from 7 to 14 days, starting from the day of collection. Deliveries to the United States and Canada take from 4 to 6 weeks approximately.

Can I change the delivery address?
You can change your delivery address only for orders with a Bank Transfer payment and only within 15 days from the order. In these cases you will only need to send an email to our Customer Care ( with the new delivery address.

How is the delivery day planned?
As soon as the supply is available at warehouse Amerigo Milano informs the Customer who, in turn, confirms and authorises the shipment with the first available load, at this stage he can also indicate in advance possible specific needs.
Once the supply has been taken in charge by the carrier, Amerigo Milano sends an email to the Customer notifying the day of the dispatch and the name of the carrier in charge of the delivery. The carrier will contact the Customer by telephone, on the registered number, before delivery and informs about the date and approximate time of delivery, usually one day before the arrival. For this reason we suggest you to add a mobile phone number while registering. Deliveries are not on appointment, the customer's availability is taken in consideration in line with the carrier's delivery plan.

What do you mean by ground floor delivery?
Deliveries take place exclusively at "ground floor" (curbside delivery), outside the building or entrance gates. Customers have to help the driver unload the packages from the truck; according to the dimensions and weight of the purchased products, customers are asked to put at disposal other people at the moment of delivery. The carriers do not deliver supplies inside apartments, houses or at upper floors.

What should I do at the moment of delivery?
At the moment of delivery the customer has the responsibility to verify that the number of packages received is the same as the one written on the freight bill; exterior damages must be reported to the carrier by writing "Received Damaged Packages - content unchecked" on the freight bill.
Once inside, if a product arrived damaged, Amerigo Milano will require a written report together with a photographic documentation immediately after the delivery. The customer must to follow the Procedure for the Reception and Verification of the Products for the best possible assistance.



What can I do if I don't receive any email notification after the order?
In extremely rare cases the email of your order can be considered spam by the email system or can be blocked by some postmasters. If you do not receive any email notification please contact our Customer Care ( that will forward you the email again.

Why do I have to indicate Birth Date and Place?
The article 21 of Italian Decree Law n° 78 of 2010, promulgated by the Italian Government, obliges dealers to create a list of those customers who have made purchases for amounts exceeding € 3.600,00; this list has to be transmitted to the Italian income revenue authority - namely, Agenzia delle Entrate. This system represents a way to check expenses of Italian citizens with the explicit aim to fight tax evasion; although we do not appreciate the bureaucratic implication of this operation we think that Amerigo Milano should follow this regulation. For this reason we ask Italian customers to write their Fiscal Code (a code assigned to every Italian citizen at his/her birth) in the order form; foreign citizens (who are not assigned with an Italian Fiscal Code) are asked to indicate their birth date and place. We clarify that, due to technical reasons, we have to collect these pieces of information even for orders with amounts less than € 3.600,00. We do want to reassure our customers that: A - all collected pieces of information (name, surname, birth date and place, total amount) will be transmitted solely to the Italian Agenzia delle Entrate (which in any case will only survey them if they belong to Italian citizens); B- each supply is invoiced according to the current regulations (meaning that for most Countries this will follow the Italian billing system, whereas for France, German and United Kingdom fiscal obligations will be handled directly by their respective countries, meeting the Community regulation which refers to trades inside the EU).

Can I order a product for a house that is going to be ready in a month's time?
By proceeding with an order you can freeze the item price, in this way you won't be facing possible price increases. After paying the deposit you can communicate us an estimated suitable date, Amerigo Milano Staff will manage your order and will contact you approaching the chosen date. In the case your house/room will not be ready yet we can postpone the date again within certain limits.

Can I change my order?
Order changes are guaranteed as long as the production has not started yet; the production starts once the full payment or the down payment has been received. All the changes requests received after the putting into production (either the modification of a product or the shipping method) are to be intended as exceptions and therefore they have to be authorised according to the progress of the production process.

How should I interpret production times shown on each product card?
Waiting Times on our website have to be considered an estimate based on data from our previous supplies: we're constantly working to fulfil all waiting times, but at the same time we do not take responsibility for delays which do not depend on our procedures (manufacturing delays, transport delays and holidays). ArredaClick policy provides clear information and approximate but achievable delivery times, instead of unrealistic promises.
The majority of our collections is highly customizable and each product is ordered and manufactured only on demand.
Please also remind that all production processes and deliveries planned next to Christmas or Summer holidays can be delayed due to the closing periods of both our logistic department and manufacturing companies.



Do prices include VAT?
Prices are shown as indicated on the official price lists for the public. By selecting the options of the desired product and by clicking on "Add to Shopping Bag" you will only be shown the discounted quote including or excluding taxes according to the destination.

I live outside the European Union. How are taxes calculated?
For destinations outside the European Union, the system provides a Quote by considering the different taxation.
By selecting Switzerland as a shipping destination, the system automatically recalculates the total price including Swiss VAT (8%). By selecting United States, Canada, Norway or any other country outside the European Union all prices will be shown without VAT and the invoice will be issued without VAT. Local VAT and export taxes vary according to the destination and are charged to the buyer.

We are a firm from the EU, how do you manage intra-Community VAT?
Amerigo Milano shows prices including Italian VAT: when you place the order you have to include your company complete data together with a regular VAT tax number. Our Staff will verify your data and will send you an email with the Updated Total excluding VAT (we recommend to proceed with the payment only after you've received the confirmation email). At the moment of delivery you will receive the invoice without taxes. We remind you that the payment must come from the company account and both delivery and invoice data must belong to the company.