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La Ballerina, La Matta, La Diva and La Perfetta are handcrafted wood spinning tops made of pieces accurately joined together to ensure the perfect balance. These handmade wood toys are built by a skilled toy-maker specialised in woodturning.


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  • La Ballerina
  • La Perfetta
  • La Matta
  • La Diva
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Price: €427.00

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La Ballerina, La Matta, La Perfetta and La Diva are handcrafted spinning tops made of different wood pieces accurately joined together in order to ensure perfect balance and harmony. They enclose all the charm of vintage toys, fascinating adults and children alike. They remind us of our childhood and that sometimes we still need to play games. Spinning tops are the perfect escape from daily schedules and commitments, but also from technology and relentless connection. They also are beautiful collectible objects to showcase on your coffee table or display cabinet. These handmade wood toys are built by Domenico, our Mastro Trottolaio, a skilled toy maker specialised in woodturning, in the manufacturing of spinning tops and other stunning design toys. To build and turn a spinning top on a lathe is a complex process that involves specific skills: only an experienced toy maker knows what kind of wood would work best to ensure the right balance to the toy top. Even more difficult is to blend different woods together. That is a job for a master.

La Matta and La Diva have a disk and conical shapes, with a striped pattern to the main bulb. La Ballerina and La Perfetta feature layers of different wood pieces shaped into bell-like silhouettes.

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Spinning tops are handcrafted and thus unique, therefore the following dimensions are approximate: Ø 5/6 H.16/17cm.

Starting from the stem down, the varieties of wood used are:
La Ballerina with rounded bulb: maple, palm tree, bird’s eye maple, padauk
La Perfetta with bell-like bulb: ebony, maple, rosewood, padauk, boxwood
La Matta with disk shaped bulb: golden oak, light and dark bamboo, ebony
La Diva with conical bulb: boxwood, olive, wenge, light and dark bamboo

Additional Information

Country of Origin : Italy

Manufacturing Time : 5 days

Specifications : Download Specifications

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