We shaped onyx into an accent stone side table. Onyx is a variety of the oxide mineral chalcedony. Its translucent surface charms us like a fantastic sidereal landscape you want to explore in search for unexpected details. Is it the mysterious power of semi-precious gemstones? Is it the enigmatic beauty of an element that comes from the depths of earth? This we can’t tell, but what we know is that onyx makes for an end and side table that easily becomes a collectible object.

Used for jewels and cameos for time immemorial, onyx adorns any space with a natural yet classy touch. This is why Boma, with its round shape and smooth surface, fascinates us and becomes a design object you can combine both with modern and traditional style furniture. The variety of onyx we picked to create this accessory features a ochre-yellowish colour veiled with crystalline white veins: this gorgeous material conveys all the beauty of nature, lending each side table a truly unique allure.