We took an extra large handbag and made it a all-rounder: Esmeralda is a home luxury woven leather storage bag, a striking accent piece for the living room, master bathroom or bedroom. Its uses are infinite, from magazine rack to firewood basket, from super chic coffee table to roomy nightstand with charging station. Just place it in any corner and see the room liven up. Why a woman’s handbag shape? Let’s start from the beginning.

At Amerigo Milano we love fashion and interior design, and from time to time we stroll the streets of Milan's fashion district looking for inspiration. Clothes, suits, shoes are ever changing accessories, but there is one piece that actually seem to be a constant: women’s daily handbags. Whatever the model, a bag is women's all day companion and they all have a favourite one. Besides, with every change of season all haute couture maisons issue new collections, but signature bags are the only ones to stand the test of time. So why not in the house? This is how the design was born and then developed into a versatile and elegant storage bag.