Fashion, design, craftsmanship blend together in creating Clipper, a round glass side table designed to fit any style thanks to its distinctive look. Far from the same old complement, this unique side table is a decorative design object created to stand out. Adorned by fringes all around the structure, its design takes inspiration from the roaring Twenties’ fashion. The result is a base completely wrapped up in a see-through curtain that makes us thinking of the elegance of the Great Gatsby fool parties and the splendor of ancient art decò interiors.

Clipper is made to be shown off, like a collectible object: we are talking of a round side table that can perfectly work as a coffee table or nightstand. Although we have to admit that it is too beautiful to be relegated into the bedroom, unless you want to be the only one to witness its uniqueness just like only real dandies would do. The glass top rests on a golden metal structure to which the leather and fabric fringes are attached. The backside of these elements is covered in the same fabric you can find on the middle shelf, hidden by the see-through fringes cascade. Why not use it as a tiny, precious cocktail cabinet to store and display your best liqueurs?