Toys involve creativity, healthy competition, fun, valuable time to spend with whom you love or you simply enjoy the most. Games are not only a “child’s business”, adults too can and must revalue their role, for example through the aesthetic pleasure of collecting unique, old traditional toys. Our collection of handmade wooden spinning tops comes as a reaction to the always-connected world and as a homage to childhood and light heartedness.

Inspired by vintage wood toys, our high-end spinning tops La Ballerina, La Matta, La Diva and La Perfetta are exclusively handmade by an experienced toy maker. Woods of various types are mixed to decorate and convey strength to the toy structure. The result is a collection of design objects surrounded by the allure of past times. Ebony, maple, palm tree, padouk, rosewood, oak, bamboo boxwood, olive, wenge, are the wood species used for the manufacturing of our collectible spinning tops.