Italy: a feast of hidden (and luckily less so) jewels: design, fashion, interiors, super cars, architecture, food and fabric, which by the way all come together as the main drivers of the country’s economy, and largely reflect and determine its socio-economic pattern.

One undefi(n)able element emerges from each of them: beauty. Italian craftsmen seem to have an innate urge to weave beauty into any creation of theirs. An unsoothable desire for aesthetics inspires them to tirelessly rearrange and reconfigure their arts, resulting in continuously new concepts and styles. And more than anywhere else so, in Milan. This is where this story takes place.

It’s the story of a bag that entered some of the World’s most luxurious homes, clubs and hotels, thanks to the intuition of its creators Domenico Di Matteo and Matteo Perego, designer and owner of Amerigo Milano, a Milanese luxury brand that sells exclusively hand- and custom-made home and lifestyle accessories, directly to its clients, worldwide. Back to the bag:

The concept is simple: an oversized bag that would stand (out) on its own, and hold together whatever is loose around a home, from pillows to throws or even firewood, thanks to special insertsthat come with the bag.

Lisamina Luxury Homebag by Amerigo Milano from Amerigo Milano on Vimeo.

For decades if not centuries, Italian women have been organizing their handbags as if these were small versions of their homes, with different rooms - or pockets - destined to fulfilling different purposes. The Amerigo Milano designers were eager to make the giant HomeBag, too, multifunctional, and furthermore extremely durable, in order for it to withstand the strains of being a piece of furniture. All of that strictly without compromising on its sheer elegance and, naturally, beauty. After all, the quest was to come up with a truly special and truly useful designer piece of unmatched quality.


Hence their expensive choice of materials: finest Italian leather, thin sheets of prestigious wood, such as ebony, then silk, satin and cashmere for inlays and paddings, stunning stitchings and fashionable details that form the finishing touches. A variety of first quality raw materials, worked by some of Milan’s most highly-skilled craftsmen.

After all, the way a HomeBag is made is not that simple, as you can see for yourself:

Hand of the Artisan. Amerigo Milano luxury HOMEbag from Amerigo Milano on Vimeo.

The fact that each bag is handmade as a single one-off piece means that there is room for customization: a client con choose to have initials or a name sewn onto the bag, and materials, colors, accessories and inlays can all be selected, added or removed. 

Beauty is unquantifiable, an intangible luxury, intriguing and necessary. What we know for certain about it, is that it undefiably contributes to our wellbeing. Our call for 2018: let there be beauty, in every corner of your home, and your life. For unconventional beauty, connoisseurs only: check out and get in touch directly with the Amerigo Milano Design Team at, to enquire about your special product or project, be it small or large, made in Milan.

Amerigo Milano HOMEbag: ready for delivery from Amerigo Milano on Vimeo.

The Amerigo Milano HomeBag was recently featured at the Florence-based Italian Fashion Week ‘Pitti’.