FASHIONISTA IN&OUT - Amerigo Milano brings fashion to the home

There is a fashion phenomenon that has resisted change, is deeply rooted in Italian craftsmanship and culture, and has even become a true symbol of femininity, likened to being the mirror of a woman’s personality: her purse.

To mention just a few of the most glamorous ladies in the world, that emphasize their style through the choice of their designer handbag, think of the protagonists of Sex and the City: in the famous American TV series, designer handbags become real co-stars, objects of envy, quarrel, love and astonishment. Authors and psychologists like Kathlyn Hendricks, Jessica Chivers and Karen Pine have devoted entire books to the phenomenon, analysing what a purse means for, and says about a woman. Amerigo Milano decided to soak up all the craze around the object of desire, to then translate it into an indispensably stylish icon: Luxury HOMEbags - a range of gigantic luxury handbags, made of wood, leather and various fine fabrics, created for everyday use, inside the home.

Matteo Perego and Domenico Di Matteo, founder and designer of Amerigo Milano, have uncovered new attributes of the everlasting worldwide love affair with the most timeless piece of fashion: Domenico: "We designed our Luxury HOMEbags as if they were small houses - they are full of accessories, compartments, spaces and options – like small rooms, each of which has to fulfil a certain task. A LISAMINA bag can, for example, become a coffee table when inserting the silk-covered shelf, it may be used as a plaid and pillow basket, or even hold firewood, thanks to the removable interior padding that comes with it."

Matteo explains: "For twenty-five years I have been puzzled – and I must admit fascinated, too – by my wife's purses: she is always equipped for any occasion. I would not be surprised if one day she pulled out of her handbag a drill, a replacement wheel or perhaps a new husband, if need be. She reminds me of Mary Poppins... With the launch of the Amerigo Milano Luxury HOMEbags we decided to bring that everlasting charm, that only bags can hold, into the home. The exclusivity of our HOMEbags is also given by the fact that there are very few craftsmen capable of sewing wood onto leather, to the high quality standards which our dnvb implies.”

On top of the excellent distribution of its internal spaces, the Luxury HOMEbag definitely is of great visual impact. Recently, it was selected by the interior design studio LP ID, as one of the central pieces of two Marketing Suites designed in Milan (Il Giglio di Cassano).

Handbag history was made long before the iconic movie 'Mary Poppins' aired in 1964. In Italy, high fashion handbags started gaining worldwide visibility at the beginning of the twentieth century, with the founding of now historic fashion maisons such as the Borbonese in Turin in 1910. Today, the Italian leather goods market is one of the few consolidated sectors in Export, representing only one of three categories that were able to contrast the difficult economic situation, remaining at least stable (Source: ISTAT - Productivity Competitiveness Report - Edition 2017).

Amerigo Milano's Luxury HOMEbags now want to add a new piece to the long history of Italian handbags in the world, bringing them into people’s homes. As top quality designer pieces, handcrafted and tailor-made, digitally promoted, in order to reach the World’s most beautiful homes, one purse at a time.

To find out more, to receive high resolution image material and / or to talk to one of Amerigo Milano's designers, please write to Giulia at or call +39 340 599 84 79.