After the last Milan Fashion Week suggested the eternal return of the animalier style, also the just ended Paris fashion week,  triumphantly imposed garments combining striped and spotted animal patterns cohexisting in the same set or re-proposing leopard spotted shoes along with python bags. Far from being a revival of something already seen, the animal is always a new trend, and perpetually able to amaze, create debate and sometimes even scandal.

Why are the animal prints always so charming and attractive?

slippers maculate Amerigo Milano

Why is the animalier, unlike many other patterns and colors, always a must in the closet of fashion addictied and trend creatives? 

There are quite a lot of reasons; if, on the one hand, as already mentioned, the animal prints have the abiloty to amaze and constantly scandalize, an attitude the fashion world loves to gravitate around, on the other hand it is also a safe haven in terms of styles and possibilities matching.

The activity of combining the animalier is the first creative element that attracts so many people.

So, how to match the animalier style?

Abbinare l'animalier_amerigo Milano

The combination of accessories, from bags to maculated shoes, with silk and light dresses and classic suits conveys a message that wants to break the rituals of everyday life, of formal elegance, of a calm and sober attitude to life and relationships.

And then there is the animal total look choice (the most popular in the Parisian catwalks this year) that imposes itself as a challange to every form of monochromaticity; those who wears the animalier total look want to be noticed and controversial. 

And then there are some accessories, from bags to python belts to animal spotted shoes, that perfeclty mathc with both choices. 

As in the case of the Amerigo Milano slippers , suitable for a classic yet metropolitan style, for a gentleman or a lady perfectly at ease in the "jungle", where they have the power to reintroduce class and calmness, without renouncing the right to eccentricity.Slipeprs donna Amerigo Milano

Amerigo Milano slippers, in maculated animal style, put together three provocations that are very loved by the fashion world:

1. The comfort that makes the city look like a house, at the feet of people with a secure pace, in full control of their destiny;
2. The eccentricity of the spotted animalier trend;
3. The possibility of combining the animalier with several patterns but also with classic monochromatic suits.

In addition, the spotted slippers combine perfectly with the top trend color of this fall, ie the shades of orange and ocher.

Matching the animal print style with body artabbinamento maculato body art

We are in a time when clothes and accessories aren't the only things we "wear" and match; we also make our body, with tattoos, nail-art and hair-style, a part of our fashion style.

The signs and designs that we choose for our body become a further habit, a perennial message of our way of being in the world. Thus, like a man with dreads in an elegant classic gray suit or a lady whose hand shows a tribal tatoo over a classic Tiffny ring, result irresistible, in the same way an animal accessory, like a maculated shoe, stands out with a tattoo on the ankle, all under a reassuring 50s skirt or a sexy longuette.

The Slippers by Amerigo Milano, in their animal patterns,  are an irresistible potential trait d'union among the thousand dichotomies of modern life, in a confused but exciting intersection between the search for comfort and home serenity and the desire to challenge, every day, our personal jungle.