What are the must-have colors for the 2018-2019 Fall/Winter season that is fast approaching? 
Let's get the answer from the kings and queens of Milan fashion week in order to be ready.

The end of summer has many positive aspects, as fashion enthusiasts know well, desperately waiting to find out all the surprises that the industry holds for the upcoming year.

We are actually on the threshold of the Milan fashion week that will give us, like every year, a forecast of the main trends of next summer, by creating the usual continuity between the past summer season and the next one. 

But while we are eagerly waiting for the events and the shows/parades that will take place in Milan from September 19 to 25 and then, moving from Milan, in the the rest of Italy and Europe, let's talk about what will be the trendy colors in Fall/Winter 2018-2019.

Pure or tainted yellow

yellow_trend_color Milan fashion week 2018

Many fashion Instagrammers have already changed the preset filters of their galleries for the upcoming months, following the direction to stick to all nuances of yellow, which was given on the catwalks of Bottega and Louis Vuitton during the last Milan fashion week.

From ochre to saffron, passing through nuances with contaminations of pumpkin, citrus fruit and gold, the liveliness of colors will be there even during the cold Winter months, as a synonym of elegance and style.

Amerigo Milano was able to anticipate and elaborate this trend, dressing our steps with gold and comfrot.   

Orange, for the perfect match

orange_milan fashion week_fall 2018

Yellow turns to orange on the Prada catwalks at the Milan fashion shows, combining passion red with summer yellow;
orange is the perfect match for various accessories and outfits, and it works well because it brightens up the softer brown tones and gives new life to the combinations with white.

A color that talks about the liveliness and the many promises hidden in the upcoming cold months, from Halloween to lighting the fire at home, from eating persimmons (kakis) to the romantic dry leaves. 


If, according to Vuitton, Fall is tinged with gold and sun, Gucci, Calvin Klein and Armani introduce quicksilver, an enhancement for suits/dresses and accessories that, no doubt about it, will end up in our outfits, houses as well as personal items.

On the one hand, this kind of silver somehow reminds of a highly precious and refined material, whereas on the other it brings to mind the simple "metal", alternating elegance and rigour with sometimes coquettish and sometimes strongly assertive styles. 

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slippers collection by Amerigo Milano 


A Fall - Winter season that does not give in to the gloomy colors of the sky and the darkness of the cold not even for Prada, that fills with glow colors the collection presented at the Milan fashion shows last February, along with its personal way of working with mustard and gold yellow. 
 blue digital_color trend_milan fashion week 2018

Blu, as far as it's "digital"

We all know by now that blue is the color of social networks, for a number of reasons related to its elegance and the cognitive emotions it conveys. 
These emotions will also be part of our outfits and accessories this Fall, because this season fashion makes room for blue, as long as it is digital blue, as bright and versatile as the cyber girls of Stella McCartney.

Green with golden (age) nuances 

green_colors_milan fashion week_2018

Green, that was named color of the year by the Pantone Institute in 2017, is once again our travel mate in Fall 2018-2019, but with the golden nuances of olive green that make Dior shout loud "C'est non, non non et non!"

Even military green has its place in this cold season, to remind us of the marches and struggles back in '68, with some unsettled disputes to be dealt with in the age of protests on social networks. 

"ultra" violet 
ultra violet_milan Fashion week_2018

Let's not forget that, according to Pantone, the color of the year in 2018 is Ultra Violet 18-3838, a must-have not just for our outfits but also for the accessories and even new brand logos.
Even in this case, the reference to the current times is there, and it's a strong one, combining blue (Democrats) with purple (Republicans) in a period of severely strained international relations.

Yet, once again, it's an "Ultra" Violet tending to glow and looking for a new hope.

To sum up, the instruction of fashion kings and queens is to "go out and glow", either with incandescent or reflected light, be it gold or silver, as long as you don't let the cold put out the bright colors you have inside. 

Amerigo Milano

Sabrina Barbante