For about a decade, online shopping has been challenging craftsmen from around the world, leading to the closure of countless craft workshops and small specialized businesses over the years.

Now, however, it is that same digital world which is offering a solution to the challenges which Italian craftsmen (and not only) are facing on a daily basis: it’s the “dnvb”, the digital phenomenon that is revolutionizing the e-commerce world: digitally-native vertical brands. The founders of Amerigo Milano understood the importance of this phenomenon straight away, and have now launched the first 100% dnvb 100% Italian company, in their field of excellence: high-end home accessory & furniture design. (

We will briefly explain why this is relevant news:

1. What is a dnvb? In a nutshell: a digitally-native vertical brand (DNVB), is born on the internet. It is aimed squarely at millennials and digital natives. It doesn’t have to adapt to the future, it is the future. It is promoted and disseminated through a dedicated digital platform - it is not an e-commerce that deals with multiple brands and thus assumes the function of a 'distribution box'.

A dnvb is limited only to its own brand – it often has no stores, it's totally hybrid. To replace the physical reference point, a dnvb is maniacally focused on customer service, personal(ized) experience, and direct contact with the final user. These are all factors on top of the “costumer buying habits” list in general. In the United States, numbers towards so-called direct-to-consumer sales are talking now: an exponential growth is expected from USD 6.6 billion in 2015 to USD 16 billion annually by 2020 (Source: Vision Critical US)

2. Why is this attracting the key players? The concept of dnvb is promoted not only by the natural demand of the market, which increasingly asks for authentic production techniques and a tailor-made service, but is also supported by the investors - a further indicator that the number of dnvb’s will grow considerably over the next few years.

Why: the nature of a dnvb limits the investment risk, thanks to the total business transparency: user behavior is measurable, with no exceptions or gray areas – as a result we get tangible numbers, making it possible to observe the specific reactions of the entire target, and consequently take conscious, well-informed business decisions. It's no coincidence that more and more “giants”, such as American Express, are investing in dnvb activities.

3. Why will the future Italian market in particular speak the language of dnvb? The Italian social-economic context can be compared to a red carpet rolled out specifically for the dnvb-concept: over 99% of entrepreneurial activity is represented by SMEs, of which about 95% are micro-enterprises, often penalized by the high cost of intermediation (both physical stores and e-commerce containers!). In the region of Lombardy alone, we find a quarter of all Italian SMEs (35 thousand) (Rapporto PMI Centro-Nord di Cerved e Confindustria). Italy overflows with craftsmen, who have all the qualities and features needed to meet the expectations of dnvb users.

This makes the dnvb a major springboard also - or perhaps above all - for the smallest of entrepreneurs: the trend towards dnvb’s invites them to expose themselves to a pool of users outside of their territorial boundaries, to reach - and be reached - by their final customer, without intermediaries, and at no extra cost.

Matteo Perego, founder of Amerigo Milano and native of the Brianza/Milan area, comments the perfect marriage between the SMEs and the DNVB as following: "After twenty-five years in the luxury furniture industry, I recognize the obsolescence of traditional sales, with too many intermediaries - and I also include some of the digital containers in those. The only sensible approach today is the dnvb. For years, we have been talking about originality, zero mile produce, authenticity, customized pieces - a transversal trend that is touching all sectors, from food to furniture to cars, especially in the higher market segments. Turning away from mass production, people are returning to quality. We have recognized in the dnvb concept a digital instrument that instead of threatening the artisans, protects them.

The customer of a dnvb celebrates authenticity and quality. We have created Amerigo Milano based on this ideology: a global platform that showcases the true Italian craftsmanship. Only the direct contact to the buyer will make our craftsmen competitive again. The new digital, used cleverly and innovatively, is giving us this chance today. And at the same time, it offers a major benefit to the buyer, too: the true design connoisseur from anywhere in the world can now get Italian "DOC" designer pieces, tailormade by the artisans specialists of Amerigo Milano. And all that at a reasonable price."

For more information and to request some high resolution photographic material, please write to or call Giulia Doldo at (+39) 340 5998 479.