Carlo Levi in 1947 compared Italy to “a grand, mystic artichoke (...) a green and purple flower, where each leaf hides another, and each stratum covers up another one, keeping each other jealously hidden. Those who dare to lift the outer leaves, will discover the unexpected (...).”

These are the lines with which Daniela Perego, co-founder of Amerigo Milano, opened the recent meet up of artisans, set up to discuss and invent the right gift wrapping and packing for the Milanese dnvb’s luxury lifestyle & home accessories.

slipper amerigo milano

When searching for the perfect way to present its creations, the northern Italian team did indeed discover...the unexpected:

1. The personalized gifts market is much more promising than anticipated: the leading international market research company Technavio, with headquarters in London, has recently published a market analysis which estimates the global personalized gifts market to reach $31.63 billion by 2021. An extraordinary volume, worth noting.

2. The next question comes almost automatically: where does this fast growth come from? Interestingly enough, the intense movement in this market is not primarily associated with the obvious emotional factors related to gifts. Instead, the main engine behind this trend are the constantly improved online shopping channels and product customization options (which in a way certainly do speak to users’ (potential) emotions!). In other words, the digital visualization and communication tools are making it easier than ever to create personalized gifts, a gesture that is strongly believed in by the new generations of business owners, who give huge importance to the direct, personal(ized) customer experience. These were admittedly ‘golden revelations’ for Amerigo Milano, the first fully-bred Italian dnvb in its sector, which is particularly focused on customization options for all of its handcrafted products, which are then distributed as online exclusives.

3. The third and final little discovery made by Amerigo’s crafts team, was about the origins of gift-wrapping: the true pioneers were not so much the Hallmark brothers but instead the ancient Chinese, who were the first people to gift-wrap money in small bags called chih pao (Source: Tsien, Tsuen-Hsuin (1985). "Paper and Printing". Joseph Needham, Science and Civilisation in China, Chemistry and Chemical Technology. 5 part 1. Cambridge University Press: 38).

The overall outcome of the little in-house research on gift-wrapping conducted in Casa Amerigo: the Milanese team turned unboxing into a cult. With the goal of wrapping things up in a way that would be worthy of its content: That all presents unwrapped this Christmas be worthy of having been jealously hidden, and may they be discovered with wonder!

To find out more, to receive high resolution image material and / or to talk to one of Amerigo Milano's designers, please write to Giulia at or call +39 340 599 84 79