How do you commute to work? How do you face the traffic jam every morning? We say, stand out and go for a healthy, slow living lifestyle, respect the environment: you can do it in many ways but you can start from a classic city commuter bike for men. To create a lifestyle is to develop habits that allow you to have time for everything you value: going on a hunt for unique pieces, making a decision on how to move around your city, define a distinctive outfit.

As the world around us go for standardized products, picking statement accessories and designer furniture make your house a place to be spoken of and you, someone who’s able to stand out in a crowd. Some items make a statement on who you are and what you care for. In his everyday life a stylish man deserves a luxury vintage commuter bike. It is keeping in mind the needs and desires of an “urban” man that we have created Leopoldo. Concentrated into this roadster is a mix of aesthetics, practicality and performance. A bicycle to ride and wear, just like the most classy monogrammed tailor made suit. Leopoldo is designed down to the smallest detail, such as the mahogany handlebar, pedals and mudguards or the Brooks' grips.