Owning a limited edition, golden vintage city bike means a lot of different things. It is a statement piece, it is an homage to slow living lifestyle and a celebration of Italian craftsmanship. A golden bike expresses your personality, tells people who you are and how you live your life: in the name of style, design, in an endless research for beauty and unique pieces. Stand out in the city crowd, shine among the grey urban habitat, convert a simple object into a collectible piece. To be unique is to choose one of a kind accessories for you and your home.

Just like a tailor made suit, Isidoro is glamorous in style but manly and sportive in spirit. Its golden steel frame has a classic diamond shape, offering a perfect balance between weight and performance. It is said gold is the new black: to us, gold is the colour of celebration, the colour we want to use to commemorate legendary Italian cyclists. Epitome of sportsmanship, the Isidoro luxury bike is for style-conscious gents with a passion for sporting culture.