Whether you are after a ladies classic vintage bike for your daily commute or leisure time out shopping with girlfriends, for riding in the park or running errands, you’ll love the look of Leopolda and its many accessories. Created to be ridden around town, this city bike is designed to become part of a precise lifestyle, to look gorgeous while carrying you and your belongings anywhere you want to go, in style. This vintage city bike is for today’s women and their busy schedules, making it for an eco-friendly and environmentally conscious means of transportation, while reflecting the multitasking personality of modern women.

Leopolda is built for a woman able to fit work around personal commitments, such as social life and a healthy routine. A woman who love to take care of herself and knows how to look good: this classic ladies’ bike is the perfect choice to match you and your lifestyle, a bicycle designed for staying in good shape or indulging in exploring the city with style and ease. We have learned that design is not only a matter of aesthetics but it is also about how things work. In Leopolda you'll find fine details and high quality features.