The here shown clarification comes from the Legislative Decree n° 21 of 2014, in force as of 26th March 2014, enforcing the Directive 2011/83/UE on Consumer Rights. Customers have the right of withdrawal to back out of a distance contract, without penalties and without giving reason, within a 14 days period starting from the delivery day. The right of withdrawal has to be stated by sending a written communication (also by e-mail) to Area D. s.r.l. within the stipulated period.

Customers can not exercise their right of withdrawal on orders regarding"custom-made or clearly customized products" (art. 59 of the above mentioned Decree) and "non- prefabricated goods made on the basis of an individual choice of or decision by the consumer" (art. 2 of the above mentioned Decree): due to the highly customizable nature of our collections and to the manufacturing processes of our suppliers, which are mainly made upon commission, all the products in our catalogue belongs to this category, therefore the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised; for more information please contact our Customer Care ( before the purchase or before the putting into production of the order.
The right of withdrawal can not be exerted on not-customizable products in the following cases: contracts which are not included inside the directive on Consumer Rights (products purchased with a VAT number for professional aims).

Customers have to return the product at their own expenses to Amerigo Milano S.r.l. within 14 days starting from the day of withdrawal and they are responsible of the diminished value coming from manipulating the products in a different way from the one needed to state the nature, the characteristics and the functioning of the product itself.

If the right of withdrawal is exerted according to the following directives, Amerigo Milano S.r.l. will refund the money paid with the exception of any other extra charges the customer requested. By exercising the right of withdrawal on a single product which, for some reasons, was part of a promotional Free Standard Shipping inside a bigger supply, this promotion will not be applied on the product anymore; in this case shipping costs will be charged to the buyer as per shipping fares and therefore detracted from the refund due. The refund will occur within 14 days starting from the day of withdrawal, if the customer complied with his or her obligation of returning the product within 14 days from the withdrawal; in case of payment by Bank Transfer the refund will occur in the first working day after Area D. Srl received the bank coordinates from the customer.